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Extreme bodybuilding is your complete bodybuilding information center! Learn and share information on everything regarding bodybuilding, supplements, workouts, diets and more! It's free to everyone... so join today!


Bodybuilding supplements can be extremely helpful if used correctly and safely. For many years athletes and fitness gurus have used supplements to get over their bodybuilding plateaus. Supplements can aide in fat loss, building muscle, strength training,and overall fitness performance. They can also have severe adverse affects if used incorrectly. Before you buy supplements for your bodybuilding program, make sure you know you have the correct supplements, and are taking them properly!...
Extreme Bodybuilding Supplements


Ever wonder if your workout routine was what it needs to be to acheive your bodybuilding goals? When bodybuilding, it is essential to have a quality workout program. It doesn't help your bodybuilding goals if the workouts you perform are being done incorrectly. If you are trying to lose fat your routine will be different than if you were trying to build or gain muscle. From articles on which exercises to perform, to articles onhow to perform each exercise, checkout all of our Training Articles...
Extreme Bodybuilding Workouts


For Bodybuilding, nutrition is key! Your body building nutrition is just as important as your workout itself. There are many different kinds of nutrition plans and nutrition facts that are essential to bodybuilding and may vary depending on your own fitness levels and body building goals. It is important that you select the nutrition and diet plan than fits your workout program best. In our nutrition articles we cover nutritional ideas and plans for various bodybuilding programs from different bodybuilding and fitness authors. Take a look and see how much our nutrition articles help out your body building goals...
Extreme Bodybuilding Diets


Any bodybuilder has had the issue of losing motivation. Losing your motivation to continue bodybuilding, even if only for a short time, can have detrimental affects to your bodybuilding goals! If you lose sight of your bodybuilding goals for even a week, you can set yourself back as much as a month. Help keep yourself motivated by reading over our motivational articles and tips. Staying connected and getting advice from other bodybuilders and fitness experts is a great way to keep motivated and on the right path!...
Extreme Bodybuilding Tips

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